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Raising Happy, Independent Learners

Resources for Secular Homeschoolers, Independent Learners,and their busy Parents and Teachers

Learning by Doing

We are on a quest to help kids to learn

how to learn.

Using project based learning, observational learning, Socratic questions, debates, storytelling, and games to engage kids and spark their creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, and independent learning skills.

What makes Quest Schooling unique

engage your kids in learning

Project Based Learning

If you are a parent or teacher who struggles to engage your kids in learning but wants to give your kids a more immersive, meaningful learning experience, that can help them become independent learners, try project based learning.

PBL engages kids at a core level and motivates them to take an active interest in learning.

Quest Schooling projects are user-friendly, print and go projects and courses for homeschoolers, microschoolers and traditional classrooms.

If you want your kid to be an out of the box, independent learner, project based learning is the way to go!

raise independent learners

What We Offer

Check out our projects, educational games, courses for kids and workshops for teachers.



Hi, I'm Shari

I'm a former academic and current educator, with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology. I homeschooled my three kids from K-12 and developed a system of inquiry based and project based learning over 16 years to teach my kids. 

My kids are all capable, kind young adults now. They learned how to learn and became independent, lifelong learners through engagement centered learning.

I developed project based and inquiry based learning resources using authentic, real life problems and questions, hands on and observational learning, gamification, and storytelling.

I help parents and teachers use engagement based learning to help their kids become happy, independent learners.

I can help you teach your kids
effectively through engagement centered learning using projects, gamification, storytelling, and a holistic, child-centered approach to learning.